Here We Are Juggernaut/Pearl Of The Stars

18 Apr

New Coheed? SWEET DEAL.

If you don’t know Coheed And Cambria, here is some background info!

1) Their music is all over the place. Sometimes they sound like prog, sometimes more metal/hardcore, and sometimes just straight up alternative rock.

2) Their singer, Claudio Sanchez, is a beast. Listen to some songs (Blood Red Summer, for example) and you’ll be thinking “wow, this vocals are really nice. His falsetto and range is awesome!” Then you wonder “hmm…what does he look like?”


3) All of their albums are concept albums. Meaning they tell a story, which is based off of a sci-fi story line called The Amory Wars which is written by Claudio.

4) This album features their new drummer, Chris Pennie (former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer), and he does a damn good job.

The first song, and my favorite off of the album, is Here We Are Juggernaut. It’s the first single off of the album and it’s pretty damn sweet. The song starts off with an awesome synth part and then the bass, guitar, and drums kick in. It’s a fairly catchy song, music wise and you can really sink your teeth into it. Remember when I said Claudio is a beast? The following lyrics are proof.

“This is not your place
No, this is not your playground it’s my heart
We were stupid, we got caught
Nothing matters anymore
So what? Here we are Juggernaut”

When he sings the words “heart”, “caught”, “anymore” and “here we are Juggernaut” it really draws you in. Well, it drew me in anyway and is a perfect example of why I love Coheed. The way he sings is just plain awesome and I can’t really describe it. It’s unique and you just have to embrace it, I guess. When he sings “It’s too broke!”, the lead guitarist, Travis Stever screams (at least I think it’s him). Now, I’m not a guy who is into much screaming. The farthest I go is Protest The Hero. Coheed is one of the bands I love, screaming wise, because they do it effectively and it really adds to the song ( see Three Evils( Embodied in Love and Shadow)).

Answer me
“Did we take this too far?”
You’ve given all I could need
“Did we take this too far?”
Oh but your kiss won’t leave me
“Did we take this too far?”

“Did we take this too far?” is sang by someone in the band in a really creepy high pitched voice, and that’s cool I guess!

Really, this song is just a perfect example of why I love Coheed and I think anyone can get into this that’s like stuff that’s a bit heavier but really not that heavy.

Second song? Pearl Of The Stars!

When I first heard this song, this is what I thought; “Who the hell is singing on this track?”


Anyway, it’s pretty awesome. This is a song that I think ANYONE can get into. It’s softer, solemn, and sweet.

“When you go, I will know.
Follow you to the stars.
And when the world burns apart,
There will be a place for your car.

I’d give you everything,
If only I’d have known you’d take it.
But you don’t, ’cause you’re you.
That’s why I’ll always love you.
My pearl of the stars.”

I always find my self singing along with these lines. At first I thought the line “But you don’t, ’cause you’re you” was a lame and uncreative line, but after you listen to it a bit it grows on you and the song is effective at getting its point across.

At 3:05 the song gets more musically involved and I gotta say, the guitar and drums are sweet because they just work.

The song then slows down and Claudio sings lower (can that happen) and it builds up again and ends.

Year Of The Black Rainbow is not my favorite Coheed album. BUUUUUUUUUUT, it is a very good album and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, I expected a bit more, but I’m not complaining. Coheed and Cambria is an awesome band and I will most definitely be at the next concert that’s repetitively close to me. (Come to starland ballroom again, you awesome bastards.)

FUNFACT: I typed “Coheed” as “Choeed” around 8 times while doing this post, but I do not know why.

Go listen to the damn album already.


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